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The objective behind this game is to push the ball in the hole with minimum number of strikes.

Contest format :

  • A team comprises of min of 2 players and max of 3 players.
  • Size of the bot should not exceed the given dimensions of 30*25cm.
  • Participants can have their own battery installed in the bot. Power supply of 0-15 volts would be provided if necessary.
  • Bots have to put the ball in the hole in min no of strikes to qualify for further rounds The ball must be hit or pushed ;it cannot be dragged or picked up by the robot
  • A total of three rounds each comprising of elimination would be conducted with the scores of all participants deciding the elimination.
  • Penalties for the ball being thrown outside the track will be in the form of increased strikes. Same for hurdles.
  • Hurdles can be in the form of curved tracks, sand, water ,twists, slope ,etc.
  • There is no restriction on the type, power, rpm of motor used.
  • Only care must be taken to not to damage the tracks.
  • Bots can be wired or wireless.In case of wired participants must ensure that their wire length is sufficient enough (3m).
  • The decision of the organizing team would be final and cannot be questioned.
  • Other details :

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